Tuition & Fees

Classes are held online December 19, 2016 through January 13, 2017.

Winterlude tuition is the same as the Summer Session 2016 tuition rates. Refer to the FAQs page for payment information and potential financial aid availability.

Winterlude tuition is NOT included in the full-time academic year tuition charge. 

Per credit tuition rates for Winterlude classes:

  • Main Campus undergraduate full-time students:* $1,156
  • Main Campus matriculated graduate students: $1,443
  • University College and visiting students taking an undergraduate class: $783
  • University College and visiting students taking a graduate level class: $1,443

*Main Campus Undergraduate Students:

  • Cost of a Winterlude class is in addition to spring tuition charges.  It is not considered part of the flat rate of tuition charged for 12-19 hours.
  • Main Campus students will be billed in November or December depending on the date of their registration.
  • Example: A full-time undergraduate student who takes a Winterlude class and registers for 15 credits in the spring would pay $21,720 plus the cost of the Winterlude class, $3,468 (3 credits) or $4,624 (4 credits).